Navigating the terrain of prescribing opioids and caring for patients who depend on them is a complex endeavor. The multifaceted challenges, from misuse and abuse to diversion and addiction, have cast a long shadow on our nation’s public health.

CO*RE’s comprehensive curriculum plays a pivotal role in empowering clinicians to confidently navigate the complexities of opioid analgesics, patient assessment, therapy initiation, modification, and discontinuation, therapy management, and the vital act of counseling for patients and their caregivers. We provide the knowledge and tools to consider different approaches to pain management, and if opioid analgesics are warranted, to discover that delicate balance between the potential risks and much-needed benefits, ensuring essential relief to patients under your care.

Notably, CO*RE has extended its reach, raising awareness of this public health imperative among over a million healthcare clinicians. This is our shared responsibility, a call to address this crisis with education, compassion, and unwavering commitment.


The CO*RE mission is to promote individual and population health and public safety through timely, evidence-based, outcome-oriented, and interprofessional education related to the comprehensive management of pain, addiction, and their comorbidities.