24% of Medication-Related Malpractice Claims Involve Opioids

A Dose of Insight, is the data-driven review of the state of medication-related errors and liability in American healthcare (by Robert Hansom, Maryann Small, and Ann Lambrecht, published by Coverys). This white paper provides insight into the root causes of medication-related claims based on an analysis of over 100,000 closed medical liability claims over a five year period...

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The Opioid Epidemic: Infancy Through Adolescence

The opioid crisis has touched all corners of our country, but the impact on our children is perhaps the most heartbreaking. Women using opioids during their pregnancy pass the drugs through the placenta and across the fetal blood-brain barrier. When birth abruptly shuts down the flow of the drug, the [...]

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Public Health Emergency and President’s Commission Recommendations

The White House continues to speak out on opioids. On October 26, 2017, the Trump Administration declared the opioid crisis a public health emergency. This declaration “will enable HHS to accelerate temporary appointments of specialized personnel to address the emergency (pending any funding needed); work with DEA to expand [...]

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Who Else Is Prescribing Opioids?

CO*RE has reached many prescribers, but who else may need this education? From its first activity in 2013 through September 2017, the Collaborative for REMS Education (CO*RE) has educated 286,293 learners via 616 CE/CME activities. These learners, many of whom are affiliated with CO*RE’s partner organizations, include primary care [...]

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Prescriber to Prescriber

"Once we were told we weren’t addressing our patients’ pain well enough, now we’re told we’re prescribing too much…" - Dr. David Bazzo (Clinical Professor of Family Medicine at UC, San Diego School of Medicine) shares his story on safe prescribing. Learn about safe opioid prescribing in a CO*RE [...]

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The Intersection of Hurricanes and the Opioid Epidemic

How do the recent hurricanes and aftermath in U.S. states and territories affect the opioid epidemic? Here are a few ways these topics intersect. Hurricane damage to Puerto Rico in particular may impact the pharmaceutical industry, as the territory houses nearly 50 pharmaceutical plants, and pharmaceuticals represented 72% of [...]

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Fentanyl Deaths Alarmingly High

New, sobering CDC data summarized in a September 2, 2017 New York Times article demonstrate an exponential increase in fentanyl and fentanyl analogue deaths, reaching 20,100 in 2016 (see graph). The Times reports that these provisional data represent a 540% increase over three years and are greater than previously estimated. [...]

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